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Ways To Save Water

If you are concerned about the environment or simply want to reduce your monthly utility bills, finding ways to save water is a great place to start. For more and more people, switching from a natural grass lawn to a synthetic turf is one way in which they choose to conserve water. You may not realize just how much water it takes to keep your lawn looking healthy and green, but once you see the difference L.A. faux Grass makes on your monthly water bill, you'll really appreciate the savings.

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In arid climates, saving water is more than just a personal cost issue--it also helps preserve the environment. Part of the reason for the pollution in Los Angeles is that it is essentially a desert that has been flooded with swimming pools and water-consuming lawns. The influx of unnatural moisture in the area has changed the climate--and by switching to a synthetic lawn, you will be doing your part to help change it back.

One of the reasons it has taken a while for synthetic lawns to become popular is that the old-fashioned ones didn't look much like natural grass. Some brands were actually little more than green-painted spongy turfs--small wonder they weren't so popular. Others had blades that were so rough they caused scratches and abrasions when they came into contact with bare skin.

L.A. faux Grass both looks and feels like natural grass and it is 100 percent safe for contact with the skin. Perfect for residential lawns, putting greens, playgrounds, and pet kennels, there is virtually no setting in which L.A. faux Grass won't help improve the appearance and save water. To learn more, please call 866-404-2121, or e-mail