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Synthetic Grass Turf

Synthetic grass turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass, especially for people who have backyard pools or shady, mildew-prone areas. While many of our customers at L.A. faux Grass are interested in synthetic grass turf for its water saving qualities, it is actually equally valuable for yards in which moisture is a problem. Our unique design is water resistant and guaranteed to stay mold and mildew-free for the life of the product.

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Part of the difference between our synthetic grass turf and lesser brands is that we use a crushed stone base instead of sand. This base both maintains the pliability of the turf as well as keeping it clean and dry. L.A. faux Grass will never bulge up like some brands, nor will it shift or harden. It is especially well-suited to poolside areas because it provides a less slippery surface than concrete, yet is drains perfectly no matter how much water gets sloshed onto it.

Another benefit of our synthetic grass turf is that it greatly reduces the amount of bugs in your yard. What's they point of having a beautiful lawn if can't enjoy it without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes and gnats? With L.A. faux Grass, you can revel in a yard that is as much fun to entertain in as it is lovely to look at.

Rain or shine, our synthetic grass turf will maintain its bright green color and lush feel for the life of the product. You never have to worry about upkeep, and in a very short while your artificial lawn will have paid for itself. For more information, please call 866-404-2121, or e-mail us at