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Looks like grass, feels like grass.

  • Perfect for pets
  • Great for kids
  • NO Maintenance
  • NO Water
  • NO Fading


Residential Synthetic Grass

At L.A. faux Grass, we offer two types of residential synthetic grass--Classic Grass and Super Grass. Both are made from state-of-the-art materials that include a rubber infill for cushioning and a crushed stone base for stability and proper drainage. The synthetic grass blades themselves look just like natural grass, with a density that is identical to the real thing.

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So why would someone opt for residential synthetic grass over natural grass? One of the biggest reasons is water savings. At L.A. faux Grass, we regularly hear from clients who save hundreds of dollars a year on their water bill after switching to synthetic turf. We are also seeing a growth in our environmentally-conscious clientele--people who live in arid climates and want to protect the eco-system by using synthetic grass instead of resource-draining natural grass.

It takes a lot of water, gas-powered mowers, and fertilizer to keep a natural grass lawn looking sharp. For years, environmentally-conscious people opted for stone gardens or gravel instead of grass. But for those who have pets and/or children, a yard full of rocks is no solution. With our Classic Grass or Super Grass, you can give your family and friends a comfortable yard in which to play.

Residential synthetic grass is perfect for play areas that see a lot of action. It is strong enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and other types of wear and tear, but soft enough for the kids and pets to roll around on. To learn more, please call us at 866-404-2121, or e-mail us at