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Looks like grass, feels like grass.

  • Perfect for pets
  • Great for kids
  • NO Maintenance
  • NO Water
  • NO Fading



Imagine your lawn being always green, lush and beautiful; no weeds, no dead spots, no burns...

L.A. faux Grass is the best alternative to real grass without the inconveniences. It looks like grass and feels like grass. Your dog can do its duties on it, it won't stain, it won't burn, it won't kill the grass. Just hose it off and your lawns will always be green and always clean ! Your dogs will love it: it's soft, it's lush, it's perfect. You'll never get dirt or mud, so your dog won't bring home dirt or mud anymore. No water, no mowing, no sod replacement, and   no maintenance imply $$ savings and no more wasted time! L.A. faux Grass is the grass of YOUR (and your dogs) lifetime !!

The dogs won't destroy it by digging or tearing. Dog kennels can sanitize and disinfect the grass with vinegar and water or with any safe product you find at your local market. You can bath tour dogs right over the grass without having to worry about mud, dirt or grass clippings.