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Looks like grass, feels like grass.

  • Perfect for pets
  • Great for kids
  • NO Maintenance
  • NO Water
  • NO Fading


Fake Lawn

If you want a fake lawn that looks and feels like the genuine article, then look no further than L.A. faux Grass. We carry two types of artificial lawns--Classic Grass and Super Grass. Our Classic Grass is olive green and has thicker blades. It's perfect for the playground or an area that gets a lot of pet usage. The Classic Grass stands up under the toughest wear and tear, making it perfect for preschools, daycares, and pet kennels.

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Our Super Grass has thinner mono blades and comes in a mat dark green. Many of our clients choose Super Grass for applications such as putting greens and residential lawns. The thinner mono blades of Super Grass give it a texture that is even closer to natural grass than our already remarkable Classic Grass. If you love to walk barefoot in your yard, Super Grass will take you to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Speaking of walking barefoot--one of the many benefits of installing a fake lawn is that you never have to worry about insect infestations. If you've ever been bitten or stung on the bottom of your foot by an ant, wasp, or bee, you know how much pleasure it takes out of going barefoot in the yard. With L.A. faux Grass, you can enjoy your lawn barefoot and anxiety-free, knowing that every step is safe.

Saving money on water bills, enjoying a bug-less yard, and selling the lawn mower are just a few of the rewards of owning an L.A. faux Grass fake lawn. Now is the time to start enjoying your beautiful maintenance-free lawn. To learn more, please call 866-404-2121, or e-mail us at