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Looks like grass, feels like grass.

  • Perfect for pets
  • Great for kids
  • NO Maintenance
  • NO Water
  • NO Fading


Dog Proof Turf

L.A. faux Grass supplies dog proof turf to many pet owners, kennels, and doggie daycares. Our artificial grasses are guaranteed to stand up to the most strenuous pet usage, including running, rolling, and other vigorous play. L.A. faux Grass won't fade or show burn spots like natural grasses do. No matter how many dogs use it to do their business, it will always stay green and bright.

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For dog lovers, striking a balance between keeping a nice lawn and giving one's dog free reign of the yard has always been a bit tricky. With L.A. faux Grass, you no longer have to choose between your dog's happiness and a yard you and your family can enjoy. Let your pets go to town on the artificial grass and then take a second to hose it off--now you're ready for company and a backyard barbeque!

Whether you use our dog proof turf for your family pet or install it in a professional dog care facility, you can rely on its state-of-the-art material to provide a safe and comfortable environment for dogs. We include a rubber infill in our turf to provide more pliability and prevent injuries. L.A. faux Grass is designed to simulate the feel of natural grass, which means no rough blades or rock hard foundations.

The crushed stone base of L.A. faux Grass keeps the material dry and mildew-free by allowing for fast, complete drainage. It also keeps the turf stable so that it won't shift around, even if it's installed on a slope. For more information about our dog proof turf, please call us at 866-404-2121, or e-mail us at