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Artificial Grass Los Angeles

Although it's easy to overlook this fact, Los Angeles is essentially a desert. Homeowners can spend anywhere from several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars per year on lawn upkeep due to water bills alone. That's one reason why artificial grass that looks and feels like the real thing is a great alternative for Los Angeles residents. At L.A. faux Grass, we specialize in beautiful residential installations.

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In L.A., saving water is not just a matter of household budgeting--it's actually an act of community service. Because the vast majority of the water for Los Angeles County comes from other regions, doing one's part for water conservation helps the area as a whole. And with an authentic-looking product like L.A. faux Grass, you don't have to sacrifice a beautiful lawn in order to help conserve water.

High water bills are not the only costs involved in lawn maintenance. Whether you live in a dry area or not, maintaining a lush, attractive lawn requires regular upkeep, including mowing, raking, and fertilization. By switching to a high quality artificial turf, you need never hire a gardener again. Your L.A. faux Grass will remain clean and green for the entirety of its life span, with absolutely no maintenance requirements whatsoever.

Unlike some synthetic turfs, L.A. faux Grass will not mold or mildew and emits no toxins into the air--no matter how hard the sun beats down on it. It is soft to the touch yet strong enough to stand up under harsh weather and usage. To learn more, please call 866-404-2121, or send an e-mail to