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Looks like grass, feels like grass.

  • Perfect for pets
  • Great for kids
  • NO Maintenance
  • NO Water
  • NO Fading


Artificial Grass Lawn

The benefits of having an artificial grass lawn that looks and feels like the real thing are numerous. Most people just think about the money they'll save on their water bill, and in dry climates that is a very real concern. But at L.A. faux Grass, we've received feedback from clients about a wide range of benefits they've enjoyed after purchasing our state-of-the-art synthetic turf.

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One big plus of having an artificial grass lawn is that you never have to invest in another lawn mower. During the spring and summer months, a lawn needs to be mowed at least once a week to stay looking sharp. That means you either devote an afternoon to mowing or you hire a professional to do it for you. With L.A. faux Grass, you can eliminate mowing from your schedule and your budget forever.

We offer two types of grasses: Classic Grass and Super Grass. Both are highly resistant to wear and tear and require no maintenance of any kind. They hold up under all types of weather, from the extreme heat and dryness of the desert to the freezing temperatures of the Northeast. L.A. faux Grass will never fade no matter how much direct sunlight it receives, not to mention rain, sleet, or snow.

Of course, saving time and money on lawn maintenance doesn't really mean a whole lot if your lawn looks fake. Our product is so authentic-looking that it has been used on numerous television and film sets. We even get requests from vendors at home shows--and they're dealing with customers who can actually walk on the grass! To learn more about L.A. faux Grass, please call us at 866-404-2121, or e-mail us at